Time to Speak Up: Join Our Next Protest

We at Health Freedom Ireland have major concerns about the proportionality of the ongoing restrictions and measures.

Your freedom to choose, in relation to bodily integrity, is rapidly being diminished under the guise of a 'public health crisis'.

Experts across the world are challenging the supposed threat level of COVID-19, and demanding justification for the restrictions we are seeing in Ireland and elsewhere.

We are also highly concerned with the possibility of restrictions and mandates continuing into the longer term such as:

  • Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, or restrictions for those who choose not to avail of them
  • Mandatory COVID-19 testing at airports,
  • Mandatory wearing of masks
  • Automated temperature checks at store entrances
  • Bullying over using the store-provided hand sanitisers, even when people bring their own
  • Discussion of social distancing and other measures in schools

If you share these concerns, then we implore you on behalf of yourself, your family and your next generation, to please join us on 22 August and let us stand together to let our government know we will not accept unjustified restrictions.

Why join us on the day?

As an organisation we are committed to factual research. We have spent the last few months looking at scientific evidence for the imposed measures, their individual merits and proportionality. In other words, are these measures effective and do they make sense?

What we have found is highly concerning. The government's decisions don't seem to be based on a strong scientific base. Risk / benefit assessments have not been done and many of the restrictions seem arbitrary at best. Think for example of the recommendation that pub visits are only safe when a meal valued at a minimum of 9 EUR is consumed.

Equally, if not more concerning, is the fact that alternative opinions are not being heard. These are even actively suppressed and presented as false science. Only the opinions of a very small minority of scientists and doctors seem to make it into the news and are considered as basis for government policy. Worryingly, many of these 'government advisors' are not unbiased. The premise of good science is to look at the merits of different, even opposing arguments. None of this seems to be happening.

We expect the government to honour the ethos of science which requires:

  • Respect for rational and honest discussion
  • A desire for peer-to-peer discussion and review
  • The ability to change your position when the evidence merits it
  • An intolerance of distortion and misrepresentation
  • A skeptical interrogation of accepted notions

Join us on the 22nd of August and stand for the right to choose. Let the government know that any public measures MUST be based on factual evidence and scientific debate.

What do we stand for?

  • Informed choice
  • Transparency
  • Reliance on factual evidence
  • Unbiased information
  • Truth & Honesty
  • Open questioning
  • Peaceful conduct

What else do I need to know about the day?

We are standing together with the Yellow Vests Ireland and potentially other groups that share our outlined concerns on the day.

People joining this protest specifically in support of Health Freedom Ireland will be wearing purple t-shirts or hoodies on the day. You can bring your own or pre-order yours now if you wish to show your support of this cause.

There will be a few short talks on the day highlighting the key concerns the Yellow Vests and Health Freedom Ireland have with the ongoing restrictions. Following the talks we may do a short march. We will follow the guidance of the Yellow Vests on this, who will ensure smooth proceedings for all participants.

We will meet at the Custom House in Dublin along the river at 2pm on Saturday 22 August.

Common Questions

Health Freedom Ireland is non-political organisation concerned only with maintaining the right to fully informed consent when it comes to medical interventions, particularly vaccination. We are not aligned with any political party and do not subscribe to left or right political views as an organisation. We want You to keep your Right to Choose.

No. Health Freedom Ireland is an independent group. We do however recognise the urgent need right now for all groups to set aside differences and collaborate in letting the Government of Ireland know that we will not be bullied into mandates and we are not afraid to stand up for our right to bodily integrity.

We have organised to join the Yellow Vest Time for Change protest as their members share our concerns over the ongoing restrictions and what they could mean for our future. We asked to join their protest as we believe in being the change you want to see in the world. We are not concerned with differences. Instead we are looking at commonalities. We all want to get back to the 'old normal' as we are listening to the experts across the globe echoing concerns that the threat of COVID-19 is being overstated.

Don't worry, many of us are new to this too. We at Health Freedom Ireland have made several attempts to contact all TDs and public representatives; we have contacted infectious disease doctors in hospitals across the country to ask for choice for Irish patients in relation to treatment options available overseas. Alas our attempts to make inroads through direct communications, which always include fully referenced and peer reviewed science, are not bearing any fruit, so we are forced to take our concerns on to the street.

Here are a few things that might be helpful to you on the day:

* Come to the front if you can so you have a good view of the speakers and an opportunity to clearly hear all the information shared.

* Bring others that share your concerns and stay together as a group during the day.

* Wear comfortable shoes for standing and walking

* Carry a bottle of water or similar to keep yourself hydrated (and possibly a snack)

* Check out car-parking options beforehand and arrive with plenty of time to make your way to the meeting point

* Join our Telegram channel (soon to be announced) to stay abreast of any updates on the day

* Make sure your phone has good battery charge so you won't run out of battery (you may wish to take photos or videos, check Telegram, call friends or use it's GPS functions)

* Wear a purple top so we know you belong to our group

Yes of course. Children are very welcome to attend. If you are bringing small babies or toddlers you may want to have headphones for them as the noise of the speakers and crowd might be overwhelming for young ears.

When bringing children feel free to come to the middle in front of the stairs where they have a good view and a chance to sit down when their legs get tired.

We had many children at the last protest. The atmosphere was peaceful and uplifting similar to a street festival.

The diversity of the group from the very young to the elderly including differently abled people was one of the positive aspects that stood out to us from the last protest.

If you choose to drive by yourself you can avail of car parking in the nearby Irish Life carpark. Please be aware that google might send you to the exit rather than the entrance. We encourage availing of carpooling options where available.

We have also organised transport to the protest. There are several bus routes available.

If you are travelling from Cork, Dungarvan, Waterford, Kilenny, Galway, Athenry, Ballinasloe, Athlone, Ennis, Limerick, Nenagh or Portlaoise please book your day-return ticket here. These routes are supported by Honk for Hope who's mission it is to save family-run and traditional in the bus travel industry across Europe.

A bus leaves from Bandon, West-Cork at 9.30 AM. To book your seat please call Alison at 0879917535 (price approx. 35 EUR).

If you are travelling from Belfast for 20 Pound please register your interest here.

We are starting at 2pm sharp in front of Custom House. There will be a small number of talks for about 1 hour. After this time a decision will be made if we stay in place or march further.

You are free to stay for as long as you are comfortable and able. There is no strict end-time for the protest but it is likely that it will disperse either after the speeches or the march.

This can happen and to us it's not a big deal. We cannot control who is going to show up and who might share our views on this topic. To us the potential loss of freedom of choice and bodily integrity is a huge concern and the more people realise this and make their voices heard the better.

We are protesting for a very specific reason and we don't expect every participant to agree with us on everything else also. In fact, even within our own group we have a huge diversity of opinion on different topics. We believe this is healthy and makes life richer. The suppression of such diversity is exactly what we are concerned with in regards to the non-existing public debate.

If we were to impose similar controls we wouldn't be living the changes we want to see.

You can order your t-shirt here and pick it up on the day. Please come to the steps in front of the speaker set up and we will have your t-shirt for you.

Please bring either an electronic or printed purchase confirmation so that we correctly allocate t-shirts to those that have pre-ordered.

We have a press release that you may want to share in addition to this blog post.
In addition we recommend that you truthfully share your reasons for joining the protest and why you believe it is important that conversations happen without censorship.

T-Shirt & Hoodie sales are now closed. All orders can be picked up on the day

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