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The Healthy Debate

Our Health, Our Society, Our Future

Facilitating conversations on the health of our society through freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. In a series of conversations with both experts and witnesses we are going to explore how the current Corona-measures came about and what impact they had and continue to have on the Irish population.

  • The healthy debate will empower people with the information they need to make the right choices.
  • The healthy debate will navigate through a sea of misinformation to a future based on what is best in us.
  • We need courage, we need the truth, we need The Healthy Debate.

A collaboration with The Irish Inquiry

Episode 1: The Role of the Media

Episode 2: Shaping the Covid-19 narrative & the failings of PCR testing

Episode 3: The Impact of Lockdown on Irish Businesses and Mask Effectiveness

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