It Is Time To End The Lockdown In Ireland Fully Now!

We call on the government to end the enforced restrictions and lock down of the people of Ireland without any conditions. We fully support the cocooning of vulnerable people should they so wish. We fully support the advice that anyone who displays any cold like symptoms stays at home until symptoms have abated. We do not consent to the government’s removal of our constitutional rights including the right to privacy, freedom to associate, travel, assemble in public, interact socially, earn a living and freedom from arbitrary detention. If the government has evidence to back its decision, it needs to share it with the public. Has the government carried out an impact assessment on these actions? Where is the analysis to show what the real capacity of the hospitals is now and how many potential vulnerable people there are, given the number that have already contracted the virus? We oppose any moves by the government to mandate these vaccines or to make them a condition of return to normal life.