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You can get in touch with us via info@healthfreedomireland.com for general enquiries. If you are a member of the press please email press@healthfreedomireland.com. Enquiries about orders can be sent to shop@healthfreedomireland.com.

If you wish to volunteer with us, please submit this application form.

If you would like to share your story you can do this on our Citizen Reporters Chat group.

Rules and Ideas for this chat

  • Share your protest photos and videos of our events
  • Post pictures of yourself wearing the HFI t-shirt or hoodie (no mandates logo) - you can cover your face 😊
  • Post your takeaways from the event in writing or as a short selfie-video (up to 3 mins)
  • Record a short selfie video (up to 3 mins) talking about your experiences, concerns, thoughts and success stories during these unprecedented times and share them with us in HFI Citizen Reporters Chat
  • Please don't post a video series
  • Share your commentary on our announcements. Please note that all derogatory language will be deleted
  • No hate speech or bad language, this is a channel that is supposed to be uplifting
  • No off-topic conversation, we are sticking to the conversation topics listed above
  • First and foremost please inspire other people. This is a channel to give people HOPE. We are the MANY!

Please submit your contributions to HFI Citizen Reporters Chat.

Please be aware that this is a public channel. All content posted will be available to other people. We will reserve the right to publish your photos, videos or quotes on our social media presence and website. If you are not ok with that please don't share them in the first place.

Note: we are a non political organisation. Please refrain from posting any political references or discussions.

We are looking forward to your contributions.