We are asking the people of Ireland to answer the following question:
Will you take the COVID19 vaccine when it becomes available?

If you wish you record your 30 second video submission you can use the webcam on this page.

If you wish you may also say the following sentence on camera:
I object to mandatory vaccination in Ireland.

Thank you.

Please note: some browsers may not support webcam recordings. If this is the case for you please take a video on your phone or a different service and submit it here.

Depending on your device you may need to scroll down and click the record button to get started. You will be prompted to give permission to the camera and it will turn on if you accept.

The camera will not actually record and submit until you press the round red button. You can stop by pressing the white square button. Finally submit your video with the submit button.

Please use headphones for better sound quality.

Press the Red Button to Start Recording Your Video

What happens with the video?

Great question! We are going to create one or several videos with the submissions we receive that shows the people of Ireland responding to this important prompt. We may also show all individual videos on this page.

The videos will be featured on this website and via our social medial presence on Facebook and Twitter.