Nursing Home Scandal

Large numbers of elderly people died in Irish nursing homes at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. Then in January 2021 there was a spike in deaths which coincided with the rollout of the Covid 19 vaccine*. How did we fail to 'protect the vulnerable'? Twice? The authorities have never adequately investigated these tragic events . Health Freedom Ireland have been reporting on the nursing home deaths and calling for an investigation for over a year. See our presentation on what happened in Irish Nursing Homes, a more in-depth analysis and timeline of events and the letter HFI sent to government on the dramatic rise in excess deaths in early 2021. See also the charts showing the dramatic spike in deaths in a number of nursing homes following the vaccine rollout*. The video below tells the human story:

Take action

If you have been affected by the content of this video and wish to report a possible vaccine injury or death please report it to the HPRA. You can do this on your behalf or on behalf of a loved one. If you have a GP or pharmacist, who is aware of your situation, you can ask them to assist you with this task and provide you with their clinical expertise and advice. 

Please fill out the Health Freedom Ireland survey on your Covid 19 vaccine experience (for yourself or on behalf of a loved one).

Other Agencies you can approach, to register your concerns are:

RIP to those that have died in the last two years. Please seek counsel or contact your GP if you have been affected by anything in this presentation.

How you can help

Please donate to Health Freedom Ireland to help us continue to get this information on nursing home deaths out to the public. Our mission is to advocate for true informed consent with all types of medical interventions. This includes everyone from parents on behalf of their small babies and children to our elderly. However, we are a small voluntary organisation and this is only possible with your help.

Lastly please share this page far and wide. We cannot let the tragedy that has ended the lives of so many in our nursing homes prematurely be ignored any longer.

*Correlation does not equal causation of course - this is why we need a full investigation immediately.

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