Interview: The Sunday Independent

We've been contacted for interview by The Sunday Independent.

For transparency we are publishing the interview questions and our responses in full.

Is HFI a political organisation or how would you describe it?

HFI is a non-political group of volunteers. It is comprised of a diverse range of Irish citizens collaborating internationally with other concerned groups. Our primary aims are to maintain choice when it comes to vaccination, be it a new COVID-19 vaccine or an existing vaccine from the childhood schedule, and we want that choice to be fully informed, where all relevant information is presented to individuals to make the choice.We are highlighting concerns that a large number of the people living in Ireland have over the government’s actions in the past few months.

What is the organisation’s main views?

The people within HFI are concerned parents and individuals from many diverse backgrounds including, but not limited to scientists, doctors, lawyers and parents. Many have had experience of their child being injured by vaccines. All wish for information on vaccines and medical interventions to be easily accessible to the public so that they can make informed choices for their own health and well-being.

Who are its founders?

HFI was founded by Maeve Murran

Did HFI take part in demonstrations last weekend in the city centre?

HFI were not involved in last Saturday’s demonstrations.

Do you condemn the attack on the LGBT activist injured

HFI are a peaceful organisation and as such we condemn any form of violence. However we are not sure why we are being asked this question given that we were not involved in any demonstrations last Saturday.

Should you have any more questions please let us know. We also ask to please be send the article before publishing so we have an opportunity to clarify or correct any points or context.

For transparency to the public, we have published your questions and our answers on our website.

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