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Just to clarify, HFI are not opposed to Covid-19 vaccines. We have valid concerns about Covid-19 vaccination being presented as the only way to end this Covid-19 health crisis. At a most fundamental level, the concerns of the people we represent arise from the lack of publicly available data in relation to the vaccines our government has signed up to as part of the EU advanced purchase plan. There is not enough information about these vaccines in the public domain for anybody to give fully informed consent.

We question whether mass Covid-19 vaccination is justified. The utility of PCR testing in defining a Covid-19 case and assessing the extent of this health crisis has already been​ dismantled1Source: Yet PCR testing still drives government Covid-19 policy. We know who the at-risk groups are. Ninety-three percent of all deaths have been aged over 65 years and 93% 2Source: of decedents had underlying clinical conditions​ . We have proven prophylactics and treatments. Why must the whole population be vaccinated, most likely annually, possibly bi-annually, with experimental vaccines that have been fast-tracked through clinical trials?

What is the benefit of Covid-19 vaccination? Will these vaccines save lives? You would expect that the primary objective of Covid-19 vaccination would be to prevent people from getting very sick and dying. You’d expect that a vaccine would reduce the likelihood of severe illness and hospital admission and that it would prevent infection and therefore interrupt transmission3Source: ​​. However, if you take the time to read past the headlines and examine the phase III clinical trials, you’ll see that none of the trials are actually designed to assess these endpoints. None of the trials detect a reduction in hospitalization, ICU admission or death. Furthermore, they do not assess whether these vaccines can interrupt transmission of the virus. So what are the benefits to Covid-19 vaccination?

And what of the risks of Covid-19 vaccination? There has never been a licensed mRNA vaccine such as the Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna and CureVac vaccines that are dominating the headlines. These vaccines use unproven technology with such short clinical trials that the long-term consequences are completely unknown. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers have already been excluded from access to these vaccines4Source:

As recently as yesterday, an allergy warning was added to the Pfizer vaccine after two healthcare workers in the UK had adverse reactions.5Source: 84 One would have thought that something as common as allergies would have been accounted for in the clinical trial protocols? 6Source:

You are aware that HFI are not alone in expressing worry about the lack of transparency and the abbreviated timelines governing these experimental Covid-19 vaccines. Switzerland’s medical regulatory authority, Swissmedic, have stalled authorisation of three vaccines including the Pfizer vaccine due to insufficient information on safety, efficacy and quality7Source:

Are they being over-cautious? On December 1st, Dr. Mike Yeadon, ex-Pfizer Head of Respiratory Research and Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, lung specialist and former head of public health, filed an application with the EMA for immediate suspension of all SARS-COV2 vaccine studies, in particular the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, for the protection of life and health of volunteers8Source: They raise numerous red flags with regard to antibody dependent enhancement which has plagued previous attempts at developing coronavirus vaccines; the possibility of a SARS-COV2 vaccine triggering an immune reaction against synctin-1 resulting in impaired fertility; ​the use of polyethylene glycol which may have been responsible for the allergic reactions reported yesterday; and the duration of the clinical trials which make it impossible to estimate longer term effects.

Health Freedom Ireland are working with a group of doctors here in Ireland who share our concern about Covid-19 vaccination.

Lastly, HFI has not been involved in any recent protests/demonstrations in opposition to Covid vaccines or other issues.

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