Interview request: Irish Examiner

We are curious if the Irish Examiner will be reaching out again to properly cover different treatment options. And where they came across the letter which is not linked on our website 🤔

Let's hope this article will spark doctor's curiosity about the topic if they haven't been looking into it already.

Hello Niamh,

Thank you for your interest in talking to us about successful treatment options for Covid-19. We would be happy to go into more detail on this on a different occasion but due to the short notice of your request, we are sending you a brief response today. If you are looking to report on this topic with fuller information, do let us know and we can arrange for this in the future.

Our objective in reaching out to GPs about a treatment option, that has shown very promising results in both clinical trials as well as direct patient care scenarios, is to learn if GPs in Ireland have been using or considered using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) or any other treatment options for Covid-19. HCQ in particular has been used successfully by doctors on our medical advisory board and we hope to facilitate a conversation around the clinical effectiveness of different treatment options. Speaking to many doctors over the last couple of months we realised that many work in isolation and welcome this exchange of clinical experience.

As an organisation that supports informed choice in all medical decisions, we are keen to seen more focus on different treatment options as well as preventative strategies. Considering that people’s medical needs are highly individual, it is important to have several viable options available to doctors and their patients.

In regards to our views on the experimental Covid vaccine being rolled out in Ireland you can refer to our recent press response on this topic:

Furthermore, we are curious how you’ve come across the letter which has not been released to the general public as it is meant for a very specific audience?


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