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We are fully behind Tracey in her desire to:

1)     Promote the Right to Bodily Integrity

2)     Investigate misrepresentation and inaccuracies (to include engaging researchers / counsel) in the publication of information by the media surrounding Covid-19 and preparing official complaints to issue to Press Council of Ireland, Office of The Press Ombudsman.

3)     Investigate and collating data on nonsensical Covid-19 guidelines and law and prepare awareness papers for dissemination to members of the public and preparing official complaints (which may include engaging researchers / legal counsel).

4)     The establishment of a legal entity and website dedicated to the publication of information, which will be freely available to the public, on their rights under the Irish Constitution and at law and the provision of template documents that may be used in pursuit of enforcing those rights.

Please consider placing your donation with her fundraiser. If you do donate to us directly using the link below we will first use the money to pay for our ongoing expenses which are mostly related to web hosting, fund future events and provide what's left to Tracey's initiative to bring about the necessary research.

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