We don't think so. This government proposal is only the first step to take away our medical freedom.

Please let your local TDs, Councillors and Candidates know that you are not ok with this!

Below is an email template for you to send your objection to your local representatives via email. Feel free to contact several representatives in your area.

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The email template:

Subject: Protect informed choice for vaccination

Dear [insert first name of the representative]

I am a concerned constituent and I am writing to you about the Minister for Health Simon Harris’s intention to introduce mandatory vaccination in Ireland [1] and his calls encouraging crèches to make vaccination mandatory for crèche entry. Minister Harris’s intentions raise many serious concerns:

- There are many reasons why a parent may choose not to fully vaccinate their child in line with the Irish Childhood Immunisation Schedule (e.g. previous serious adverse effect, medical history, religious, philosophical). Regardless of the reason, it is the parent’s right to make an informed medical choice by weighing up the risks and benefits for their child.

- The intention to mandate vaccines is an attempt to coerce parents into vaccinating their children, even though vaccines carry serious risks of adverse reactions, including death. These are risks that many informed parents may not wish to take.

- This approach is discriminating against those who cannot, or do not wish to, vaccinate and accordingly excludes them from access to early years education. Pursuant to Minister Harris’s media statements, children are already being refused crèche entry and medical attention by GPs. This means their fundamental rights to early years education and medical attention are being denied.

If Mandatory Vaccinations are implemented as proposed:

  1. It is unclear if provisions will be put in place for unvaccinated children to access the ECCE Scheme; these are children who cannot comply with mandates due to previous vaccine adverse events, medical reasons, religious or philosophical reasons.
  2. There is no national screening program to identify unknown vulnerable groups, i.e. individuals with underlying genetic predisposition to vaccine injury.
  3. Where a child has a history of adverse effects to vaccines, it is unclear if they will be compelled to receive further vaccines or have crèche access removed.
  4. If parents choose a delayed or partial schedule, it is unclear if they will have crèche access removed.

I am asking to engage with you on this issue. I am seeking your assurance that you will oppose any such regressive move to mandate medical interventions for our children in Ireland in your capacity as an elected representative who stands for the protection of medical freedom and the upholding of parental authority.

Your stance on this issue will directly impact my voting decisions in the upcoming general election.

Yours sincerely
[insert your name]

[1] https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/harris-considers-banning-unvaccinated-children-from-crèches-1.4018991



  • Discriminating against those who wish to make an informed choice not to vaccinate
  • Segregating society based on vaccination status
  • Demonising and stigmatising families who do not, or cannot vaccinate or fully vaccinate
  • Disrupting young children during a crucial social developmental phase
  • Forcing parents to seek alternative arrangements regarding work and childcare
  • Removing children’s access to local GP practices and the medical card scheme


  • US Law regards vaccines as ‘unavoidably unsafe’.  Where there is risk, there MUST be choice.
  • The Irish vaccination schedule in the first year of life exceeds the FDA safety limit for injected aluminium, a known neurotoxin. WHO guidelines are based on safe limits for an adult ingesting aluminium as opposed to injecting aluminium into an infant or child.    
  • All medicines carry risks. Vaccines are biological medicines designed to alter the immune system of recipients for several years. Each vaccine has a list of expected adverse reactions.
  • Mandating vaccines to protect ‘vulnerable groups’ exposes another vulnerable group to potentially severe harms: those with a predisposition to vaccine injury due to mitochondrial disorders or an underlying genetic risk factor or polymorphism.
  • There is no proof that shows that immunocompromised individuals benefit from high vaccination rates of those around them.
  • Unvaccinated children do not put others at risk. They cannot spread illnesses that they do not have.
  • In populations where vaccination for school going children is mandatory and unvaccinated children were excluded from school last year (New York State), outbreaks of infections such as mumps and whooping cough have since occurred highlighting that:
    • Banning unvaccinated children from school will not prevent outbreaks of illnesses for which there are vaccines.
    • As the unvaccinated children had been excluded from school, these outbreaks occurred among vaccinated children.

Children's Rights:
The UN Convention gives special emphasis on Article 2 that all rights of the child must be available to all children without discrimination of any kind.

Parental Rights:
Upheld in the Supreme Court in the 2001 PKU decision, parents have a right to decision-making on the part of their child, to act in their child’s best interest.

Medical Coercion:
Our right to bodily integrity and freedom of choice is a fundamental human right enshrined in the constitution, the Nuremberg Code and every human rights covenant in existence. Compelling families to take decisions against their will in order to avail of crèche care fosters a coercive environment which is a violation of these express rights.


  1. The Irish childhood immunisation schedule has increased dramatically in the last 30 years in the number of doses a child receives. Irish children now receive 32 doses of vaccines for 13 illnesses by 13 months of age.
  2. Synergistic effects are NOT tested (effects of combining more than 1 vaccine and the administering of several vaccines during a single visit or cumulatively).
  3. Non-specific effects’ are NOT tested (effects outside of preventing the disease vaccinated against, which the research increasingly shows are myriad).
  4. Unlike pharmaceuticals, vaccines are classed as ‘biologicals’ which means that they are privy to significantly less rigorous safety trial standards, being in general short-term in duration, not double-blind, not randomised and not requiring an inert placebo. 
  5. Ireland’s surveillance system is passive (Health Products Regulatory Authority). Research undertaken by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) regarding VAERS (Vaccine Advert Event Reporting System), the US equivalent, shows that less than 1% of adverse events to vaccines are reported.
  6. Vaccines are not tested for carcinogenic, mutagenic or fertility effects.
  7. Long-term studies comparing overall health of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations do not exist.
  8. The vaccine industry is largely liability-free. Following indemnity in the 1980’s in the US, the vaccine schedule tripled. This increase is reflected in Ireland.
  9. Worldwide 19 countries have vaccine damage compensation programs. In the United States alone, over $4 Billion has been paid out to those injured by vaccines.
  10. A number of the vaccines on the Irish schedule contain aborted foetal cells.

The above-described context does not constitute an industry standard high enough for any childhood medical intervention, let alone a mandated one.

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