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Veggies That You Can Feed To Your Dog - 2021 Guide


If you are a true pet lover, you must know how important it is to monitor your pet’s diet. Especially when it comes to an emotional support animal, even if you are not a very caring person when it comes to pet diet, you must have to be careful and show responsibility. This is because the emotional support animal letter that one gets for an emotional support animal can get canceled or denied if the owner cannot take good care of the pet. 



Anyways, what you will in this article will be a little information about some healthy vegetables that you can feed to your esa dog. 




The first on our list is asparagus. It has so many essential nutrients, including folic acid, potassium, thiamine, multi-vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. All these make it so healthy for your dog. Also, it helps to keep the digestive tract clean and healthy.  


You know well that asparagus has a tough and woody structure, making it difficult to chew. This is why cook it well before feeding it. 


You can learn more ways of feeding it to your dog efficiently. While you are looking for an esa letter online, you can look at such information as well so that when your esa comes in, you are well-prepared. 


Bell Peppers


Who is not a fan of bell peppers? And surprisingly, dogs are also found to love the taste. They are also full of essential nutrients and vitamins and are the best snack for your esa dog.   You can serve them raw or cook. Your dog will enjoy the juicy and crunchy texture of raw bell peppers, but you can also choose to boil or steam them. In case your dog has a sensitive stomach, we would recommend you to steam this vegetable and then feed it to your dog. Raw veggies can upset your dog's stomach, which might result in accidents and disturbance in your entire neighborhood.


Here you need to know that when you bring in an esa, it is not just you who gets affected. It is your entire surrounding that receives an impact. This is why you must take care of such things to ensure that your esa letter for housing does not cancel or any other unwanted situation happens. 




Broccoli is full of useful vitamins and minerals and also anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. It can help you in keeping your dog happy. Like all vegetables, it has so many vitamins and other essential and healthy elements. 


The right way to feed these vegetables is to feed them in a cooked form. Despite the dogs having sharp teeth and strong jaw, it can still be difficult for them to chew this vegetable.


This is why you can cook or steam this veggie or make a puree out of it and then feed it to your esa dog.


Here it is important to tell you that all these things might sound very unnecessary for you. But you should know that when you get the emotional support animal letter, it means that you have officially taken all the responsibility for the animal. Now in case of any mishap, you will be the ESA Letter one responsible. This is why you should never take any risk. 




Carrots are loaded with essential vitamins and other beneficial elements. They’re also a low-calorie and low-fat snack. Just like they have numerous benefits for humans, they are similarly helpful and healthy for dogs. 


They are full of vitamins and other essential minerals. 


Carrots are one of the best vegetables to feed to your dog. Apart from being a healthy snack, carrots also help in keeping the teeth of your dog clean. To know the ways you can feed carrots to your dog, you can ask the person who has helped you in getting an emotional support dog letter, or you may surf on the internet and find different recipes for your pup.    Useful Resources:


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