Our Mission

Health Freedom Ireland's mission is:

  1. To empower Irish people to make informed medical decisions (including vaccination) for themselves and their families, by providing a resource for impartial information and links to up-to-date research on:
  • Vaccines available on the Irish market - their ingredients, and established and potential adverse effects
  • Illnesses for which there are vaccines - the risks of catching the illness, established healthcare professional recommended treatments and prognosis
  • Interventions in relation to viral illnesses - including evidence for mask efficacy, testing and medical devices
  1. To safeguard the rights of Irish people in maintaining the right to freely choose or decline any intervention or protocol (incl. vaccination). In order that, people living in Ireland will maintain medical freedom and the right to bodily integrity1You have a right not to have your body or person interfered with. This means that the State may not do anything to harm your life or health. Read here on Citizens Information and in the Irish Statue Book in Ireland, without fear of ramifications or consequences from the State, Health Authorities, Educational establishments or employers. Health Freedom Ireland aims to achieve this by:
  • Reaching out to policy makers, providing rational, referenced advice on maintaining medical freedom in relation to vaccination
  • Supporting Irish citizens presented with challenges to their ability to maintain medical freedom in relation to vaccination

Our Vision

Our Vision is to live in an Ireland that:

  • Actively supports medical freedom of its citizens, and 
  • Enables fully informed choice2‘Informed choice’ is the term used by Health Freedom Ireland. The established medical phraseology is ‘meaningful informed consent or refusal’, however, this is commonly abbreviated in medical communications as ‘informed consent’ which implies that consent is not a choice but will be given. for its citizens when they are making decisions on any medical choices (including vaccinations) and decisions relating to the right to bodily autonomy.

Our Values

Health Freedom Ireland is composed of individuals with a common belief that everyone has the right to make informed choices in relation to vaccination. Information must be freely available, factually correct and provided without bias.